Why You Should Consider A Benchtop CNC Router

Why You Should Consider a Benchtop CNC Router

A benchtop CNC router is among the most popular CNC routing machines in the market. It’s a compact version of the industrial CNC milling machine and often features a vertical spindle protruding through a tabletop.

CNC routers are now becoming so affordable that they are making their way into many home workshops. And they are versatile; it doesn’t matter what type of material you choose to work with – foam, wood, metal, or plastics – a CNC router can handle the job with aplomb.

The number one benefit of having a CNC router in your home workshop is efficiency; because of its superior automation, it can perform with excellent accuracy time after time. Another great advantage is that it has the ability to repeat specifications exactly; whether you are producing one or one thousand workpieces, each one will be identical.

When you’re picking out a CNC router for your home workshop, you want one that is flexible enough to be used in a production environment as well as being a perfect size. The Stinger I fits the bill. Its 25”x36” or 25” x 48” cutting sizes makes the Stinger I ideal for the CNC beginners, yet it is robust and sturdy enough to withstand maximum use and its reasonable price won’t hurt your wallet.

Why Benchtop CNC Machines are a Must-have

As the name implies, benchtop CNC machines are usually small enough to fit on a standard desk and are excellent to have because:

They’re Compact and Affordable

Although powerful and highly efficient, industrial CNC machines are typically bulky and take up a lot of space. On the other hand, a benchtop CNC router is compact enough to fit on your work desk and is more affordable. It’s ideal for small-scale CNC manufacturing businesses, or anyone who wants to enjoy the immense versatility of a CNC router but is short on space.

They Boast Utmost Versatility

A tabletop CNC router is among the most versatile pieces of equipment you’ll ever own. It can process an array of non-metal materials, such as PVC boards, marble, rubber boards, glass, and even crystal. Thanks to this, desktop CNC machines are used in countless industries, ranging from craft, mold, printing, and packaging to advertising. In that light, a benchtop CNC router greatly expands your production capabilities and promotes growth by unlocking access to clients from a broad range of industries.

They’re Easy to Use and Manage

You won’t need to be tech-savvy to use a desktop CNC router. Since they operate with little to no human intervention and are often updated and programmed using the software, you don’t need to undergo intense training to use a desktop CNC router.

Desktop CNC Routers are Affordable

Tabletop CNC routers are typically cheaper than industrial models. Also, since one person can operate and supervise multiple machines, desktop CNC routers reduce operational costs since you won’t need to hire and train an entire team.

Things to Make With Your Benchtop CNC Router

A benchtop router is so versatile, the only limit to the things you can make is your imagination. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few to get you going:

  • holiday decorations
  • a guitar
  • toy car
  • brad bin
  • bird feeder

Get it From the Best

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