Why You Should Consider A Benchtop CNC Router

CNC routers are now becoming so affordable that they are making their way into many home workshops. And they are versatile; it doesn’t matter what type of material you choose to work with – foam, wood, metal or plastics – a CNC router can handle the job with aplomb. The number one benefit of having a CNC router in your home workshop is efficiency; because of its superior automation it can perform with excellent accuracy time after time. Another great advantage is that it has the ability to repeat specifications exactly; whether you are producing one or one thousand workpieces, each one will be identical.

When you’re picking out a CNC router for your home workshop, you want one that is flexible enough to be used in a production environment as well as being a perfect size. The Stinger I fits the bill. Its 25”x36” cutting size makes I ideal for CNC hobbyist, yet it is robust and sturdy enough to withstand maximum use. What’s more its reasonable price won’t hurt your wallet.

Things to Make With Your Benchtop CNC Router

A benchtop router is so versatile, the only limit to the things you can make, is your imagination. IF you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few to get you going:

  • holiday decorations
  • a guitar
  • toy car
  • brad bin
  • bird feeder

At CAMaster, we are committed to helping increase your productivity and efficiency by providing the best quality CNC routers and accessories. Our team has a broad knowledge base and we are dedicated to sharing our experience with you to help you take your home workshop to the next level. Contact us today to find out more.