Why Do I Need a CNC Router?

Why Do I Need a CNC Router

A CNC (computerized numerical control) router is a computer controlled cutting device that enables the operator to cut a wide range of materials including: wood, acrylic, metal, foam, plastics, and composites. A CNC router alone can perform the precise tasks of many workshop machines, such as:

  • spindle moulder
  • boring machine
  • panel saw
  • planer

They can also cut mortises and tenons.

Even though a CNC router cannot replace all your workshop tools adding one to your tool kit still gives you a lot of advantages, such as:

  • You can use them continuously with only occasional maintenance.
  • Because you can program a CNC with a specific design, you can use it to produce hundreds of exact replicas.
  • Unlike manual milling machines or lathes, a CNC operator need not have as much training or experience.
  • CNC router is easily improved by maintain the machine.
  • By using design software such as Pro/DESKTOP®, you will be able to create products that cannot be made using manual machines.
  • Contemporary design software allows you to get straight to creating your design, without having to make a model or prototype.
  • Once the CNC machines have been programmed, a single operator can supervise many machines, so long as the cutting tools are replaced as and when needed.
  • Though CNC machines are more expensive to buy than manual tools their high productivity and adaptability make them valuable additions in the long term.
  • Because CNC machines are becoming more popular, prices are decreasing.

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