What Is The Difference Between A Lathe And A Milling Machine

Difference Between A Lathe And A Milling Machine

Milling machines and lathes are both tools that can be used in the workshop for working on materials such as wood, metals and plastic. The two machines have a number of differences.

A Lathe

This is a machine tool which rotates the piece you are working on, on its axis, so that you can perform arrange of operations such as:

  • sanding
  • cutting
  • drilling
  • knurling
  • turning
  • facing
  • deforming

Each of these processes is performed by applying a different type of tool to the workpiece as it is rotating. Lathes can be used for shaping pottery, wood turning, glass blowing, metalworking, and parts reclamation. The workpiece is held in place by means of at least one clamp which may be adjusted to suit varying lengths. A lathe is ideal for producing objects such as:

  • bowls
  • gun barrels
  • candlestick holders
  • cue sticks
  • baseball bats
  • woodwind instruments
  • camshafts

A Milling Machine

milling machine is a tool which has rotating cutter and is used for machine parts into very precise shapes and sizes. The workpiece is fed into the machine at an angle with the axis of the tool. Milling can be performed with a number of different tools including a milling machine, a CNC router, or a machine center. Multi-tasking machines are now also available.. These machines combine milling processes with turning processes.

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