What Is The Best CNC Router For Home Projects

CNC Router Home Project

Whatever type of material you choose to work with, a CNC router has a broad range of applications when it comes to home projects. Whichever material you choose a CNC will have the same benefits; the main ones being superior automation and efficiency. Another major benefit of this technology is the high level of accuracy and ability to repeat specifications. That means that once your program is verified, whether you produce two, two hundred or two thousand work pieces, they will all be identical.

Choosing a Router for Home Projects

If you’re looking for a bench-top router for your home workshop, the Stinger I is a perfect choice. Its 25”x36” cutting size makes it ideal for the hobbyist, yet in spite of its size, the Stinger I is robust and flexible enough to be used in a production environment, and it won’t hurt your budget.

Types of Home Projects for your Router

There is virtually no end to the types of home projects you can use your CNC router for. Here are just a few examples to inspire you.

Letterpress Print Block Mirror

Drawing inspiration from early printing presses and wooden relief type, this project simulates a random grouping of old-style print blocks in a mirror frame. The varying depths of the “blocks” gives the illusion that they are separate parts. This project goes through many different toolpathing techniques, with plenty of tool changes/swaps along the way – making it a good exercise to start with.

Table Caddy

This table caddy is just the thing for carrying condiments, plates, napkins, and eating utensils to your table, especially when it’s BBQ time. The weaved design, produced by two-sided machining, gives the caddy an extra nice touch

Print Block Mirror

The frame for this 19” x 19” mirror is inspired by old-style print blocks. The varying depths of the blocks require different tool changes making this an interesting project.

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