What is a Downcut End Mill?

Downcut End Mill

If you’re new to CNC routing, you may be a little confused by the wide range of end mills. They come in many different shapes and geometries and are also made of different materials. It makes sense to familiarize yourself with the different types so that you get just the right one for the project you’re working on.

Types of End Mill

End mills typically have three types of end styles:

  • Square end – the most popular type, used to drill holes to start out slots.
  • Ball nose – to make curves shapes.
  • Corner radius – to make molds.

End Mill Types

There is a wide range of end mill types to choose from:

  • Regular Length – various applications.
  • Extended cut – for deep milling.
  • Stub Length – reduces deflection and provides maximum rigidity.
  • Long Neck – creates addition clearance when cutting.
  • Routing – for non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic and composites.
  • Roughing/coarse pitch – for profiling and slotting.
  • Roughing/fine pitch – for distributing even cutting force.
  • Rib processing – for deep rib grooving

What is a Downcut End Mill?

Depending on the helical direction of the cutting bit – this means which way the spiral is wound – the end mill will either move the chips of debris up toward or downwards. When you’re choosing the directionality of the end mill, you have two options: and upcut or a downcut end mill. An uncut end mill will eject the chips of waste material to the upper surface of the workpiece. A downcut end mill is the opposite of an upcut end milland will eject the chips to the bottom of the workpiece. The advantages of using a downcut end mill include:

  • It produces a smooth upper surface on the workpiece.
  • The downward force keeps the workpiece secured firmly to the table.

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