What Does Center Cutting Mean

What Does Center Cutting Mean

CNC milling is a process which is similar to drilling and cutting in that like drilling, it uses a rotating cutting tool. It differs from drilling in that the milling machine cutter is able to move within multiple axes, allowing it to create a wide range of holes, slots and shapes. CNC milling machines are very versatile and enable the production of complex shapes that would be virtually impossible to create using manual tooling.

In end milling the cutter rotates on an axis that is vertical to the workpiece. An end mill may have a flat or ball nose tip. End milling can be used for many applications including:

End mills are made from either high speed steel (HSS) or tungsten carbide, which is more resilient and can run at faster speeds that HHS. If you are using a carbide bit, you should make sure that your machine tool has a solid spindle and a holder that has no runout.

What is Center Cutting?

Not only do mill cutters come in a number of shapes and sizes, there is also a range of coatings, cutting surfaces and rake angles. Some CNC milling machines have cutters that can drill vertically into the material, while others cannot; these bits are called center cutting bits. Mill bits of center cutting have teeth that reach the center of the end face. Cutters that cannot plunge vertically can usually cut downwards at an angle of 45 degrees.

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