Top 5 Uses for CNC Routers

Starbucks Coffee Sign Made with CNC Router

Computer numerical control (or “CNC”) routers are computer-controlled cutting machines, able to run any number of custom programs to cut, carve, and slice with laser-like precision. They’re able to produce high-quality results that are consistent and economical.

Many manufacturers are electing to incorporate these devices into their existing production lines. Take a look at some of the most common applications of CNC routers.

Cabinet Components

CNC routers are the perfect choice for milling everything from cabinet doors to interior shelves and boxes. These are (often simple) components that are needed en masse – and while there are an infinite number of possible designs, each one must be uniform from piece to piece. Computer guidance ensures a perfect cut every time, and the ability to change programs allows you incredible flexibility with just a single investment in equipment.

Sign Making

Signs can be quite complex, and highly variable in the depth and angle required of each cut. But CNC routers, with simultaneous 3-axis motion, are perfectly suited to carve out sophisticated motifs in everything from bronze and aluminum to wood, plastic, and foam. Even 3D designs are no problem.


Traditionally, woodworking has been viewed as a hands-on pursuit that eschews machine assistance. But today’s master craftsmen are beginning to recognize – and embrace – the possibilities and consistency offered by CNC routers. Everything from small and delicate toys and game pieces, to intricate designs and lettering set in larger items, can be done in an authentic and high-quality fashion.

Instrument Production

Even the most discriminating luthier will be impressed by the time saved by CNC routers – not to mention the quality of the results. Fretwork, inlays, body and neck carving: all can be done with the precision and speed demanded by a busy artist, freeing you up to focus on the finer details that make your instruments truly unique.

Rapid Prototyping

Gone are the days of meticulously hand-carved prototypes, or having to wait for an expensive custom-milled part to arrive – not to mention having to do it all over again when you inevitably decide that small design tweaks need to be made. With the assistance of your CNC router, you could have a working model in your hands in just minutes. Starting testing, analyzing, and revising right away.

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