Static Reduction in CNC Dust Collection Systems

Static Reduction in CNC Dust Collection Systems

Keeping your workshop clean will also keep it safe. Dust build-up on surfaces and in the air poses a serious health risk. Particles created by cutting plywood, particle board and acrylic can be hazardous if they are inhaled. A dust collection system is essential.

However, dust collection systems are the main cause of static in the woodshop. When your dust collection system is connected to a CNC router, this is doubly problematic because the air and dust movement can easily generate static if the connection is a non-conductive hose. Replacing non-conductive hoses with metal ducting has advantages:

  • Because it is grounded, metal ducting will reduce static charge.
  • Metal ducting has less restriction than flexible hoses so it will increase flow.

When you install a metal duct system to your CNC router you should use as large a diameter pipe as you can connect to the dust collector housing and gradually reduce the diameter as the pipe extends. Taping the joints will help reduce leakage. Add a grounding wire to the metal duct to ensure that it’s grounded. The connection to your CNC router should be made with flexible hose to prevent the machine’s movement from damaging the ducting. Minimizing the length of the flexible hose helps prevent its corrugated surface from increasing static pressure loss.

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