Smoothing and Acceleration Tips for Your Cobra CNC Router

Smoothing and Acceleration Tips

If your Cobra CNC router is relatively new, the breadth of available information about CNC can seem overwhelming. Two important techniques you may not be familiar with are smoothing and acceleration techniques. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Spoilboard Surfacing

If you are smoothing large sections of MDF board you will need to have a spoilboard cutter or flycutter bit for your CNC machine. These bits are designed to skim over the surface of the wood, removing the sealer and leaving behind a smooth, flat finish. For example, with ¾” MDF you should use a 4” flycutter with triple blades. Its revolution speed should be 12,000rpm at 30 meters/ minute, or a 3” flycutter at 12,000rpm, running at 25 meters/minute.


Getting the speed right with your Cobra CNC router is vital for running your machine at its maximum efficiency. Before you get your file set up for cutting, there are three specific parameters that you need to factor in order to achieve the right acceleration for your project

  • Chipload: the thickness of the chip that is formed during the cutting of the material.
  • Spindle speed: usually 7,000rpm -24,000rpm.
  • Feedrate: Calculate it with this formula: chipload x cutter diameter x number of flutes x spindle speed = feedrate

A simple way to calculate your feedrate is to use a free online calculator.

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