Simple DIY At Home CNC Router Projects

Simple DIY At Home CNC Router Projects

If you’re a CNC router hobbyist there are lots of projects out there that are fun to make and can be enjoyed by all the family. Here are some projects that are simple enough for beginners.

Hinged Spoon Rest

Tired of leaving slops all over your kitchen counters? This elegant spoon rest will help keep your kitchen clean. It’s simple to make with only four parts. It’s also conveniently hinged to provide a rest for the handle as well as the bowl of the spoon.

Coin Bank

Inspired by the Buffalo nickel, which was released in 1913, this coin bank is 10” in diameter and 3” wide, with a 1.5” base. This is a relatively simple project that will produce a delightful gift for children of all ages and will encourage them to save their pennies.

Ginger Bread House Cookie Bin

This cute gingerbread house cookie bin is reminiscent of fairy tales from your youth. With its embossed design and hinged lid, it is sure to be a pleaser for kids and grandkids. You can paint it, stain it or gaze it, and you don’t have to limit its use for string cookies. You can also keep nuts, candies, and crackers inside.

Bird House

This unusual looking bird house will make a whimsical addition to your home and garden as well as attracting the local bird life. The project sample has a “faux metal” finish that conjures a steam punk style, but you can finish it any way you like.

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