Simple CNC Router Starter Projects

Simple CNC Router Starter Projects

So you have a brand new CNC router in your workshop and you’re dying to get started on a project but you’re not sure what kind of task would be easy for a newbie, but interesting and creative at the same time. Here are some simple CNC router projects to get you started.

Basket Weave Table Caddy

This simple but practical table caddy is useful for carrying silverware, condiments and napkins from the kitchen to the table or outdoors for a BBQ. The weave design on the side can created using an extrude and weave tool, or you can create the custom design of your choice. The project uses two-sided machining and the pieces fit together with easy alignment.

Kitchen Knife Holder

This classic counter-top knife holder is a classic in any kitchen, and makes a perfect gift. It is made from a hard oak wood and once again makes use of two-sided machining, incorporating decorative grooves and fluted knife recesses. It makes a simple weekend project.

Wooden Roller Massager

This easy project is a great way to use up scraps of wood. If your shoulders or feet are feeling sore and in need of some tension release, this hand-held massager is perfect for the job. The gear style design is easy to craft, simply lay out the pieces to fit whatever bits of wood you have left over. It’s a great afternoon project that you can make for yourself or a novelty gift.

State-shaped Cutting Boards

Another novel design that has practical use in the kitchen. These cutting boards can be routed in the shape of any of the 50 states. Made with maple, they can be as small or large as you wish. When they are cut, simply finish them with a sealant.

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