Sign Making With a CNC Router – Complete Step-by-Step Tutorial

Sign Making With a CNC Router – Complete Step-by-Step Tutorial

According to Wikipedia, the main purpose of signs is to communicate and to convey information designed to assist the receiver with decision-making based on the information provided.

In other words, signs can be part of a marketing strategy to create awareness about a person’s business.

Whether you run a sign shop or are a part of a high production facility, you might have considered sign making to grow your business.

There are many ways to go about sign-making. With a CNC Router, however, you are sure to get a more precise and detailed sign with less physical work.

This post contains step-by-step instructions on how you can make different types of signs with a CNC Router.

How to Make Signs With a CNC Router

1. Create a Digital Image of the Sign You Want to Make

Before creating a sign, you should have an idea of the design you want to make for the sign.

Create a digital image of the design you want to carve. You can create 3D images using specialized software. The most popular ones being – 3D Systems, Geomagic, Freeform, and Rhino.

If you don’t know how to use this specialized software to create 3-dimensional images, then you can download 3D Clip art for free online.

A basic web search will provide you with many designs to choose from. Pick the one you would like to make into a sign.

2. Carve the Image using Your CNC Router

After downloading or creating a digital image of the design you’d like to carve, you’ll need to upload it into the CNC Router software, set it up properly, and let the machine do its work.

If you’re a newbie in sign making with a CNC Router, and can’t use one, the next section is especially for you.

How to Use a CNC Router

There are a few things we need to set up before using the CNC Router for sign making.

1. First, turn on the Router and start the remote controller by pressing the start button
2. Make sure the dust collector is on
3. Set up the area for holding the wood or material you’ll be carving
4. Tip – Ensure safety by putting on protection for your eyes and ears before using the CNC Router.

Now, let’s start making signs with the CNC Router.

1. Choose a Blade

The blade, also known as the spindle or end mill, is what does the carving. There are two properties to set up here – the flutes and the shapes.

The flutes are of two types – two and four flutes. The two-flute blade is used for softer wood while the four-flute is used for harder or stronger wood.

The shapes are of three types – flat blade, ballnose, and v-bit blade. The flat shape is used for drilling holes and carving out simple, straight-line cuts.

The ballnose has a ball-shaped end and is usually used after the initial carving with the v-shaped blade. It gives the wood its 3-Dimensional look.

The v-bit, just like its name has a v-shape and is used for carving more complex and detailed designs like those with curves.

If you’re carving out a simple design, start with the flat blade.

If you’re carving a sign with more detailed designs, start with the v-bit blade and finish off with the ballnose blade.

2. Set the 3-Dimension X-, Y-, and Z-Axis

To get a carving with 3-Dimensions, you’ll need to set up the x, y, and z-axis. X and y-axis indicate left and right movement, while z-axis represents up and down movement.

To set up the x and y-axis, place the tip of the CNC Router sensor at the back left part of the edge of the wood. Then press XY = 0 and Enter.

To set up the z-axis, place the tip of the CNC Router sensor again at the top of the wood you’ll be carving. Then press Shift and XY = 0 and Enter/OK.

3. Upload 3D Image File and Carve

The next step is to upload the 3D image of the design you want to carve into the CNC Router software. This process is pretty simple.

Just like how you transfer a file from your flash drive to your computer, select the 3D file and click on OK and confirm.

To get the machine to start carving, simply press play.

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