Should I Finance My CNC Purchase?

Finance CNC Purchase

Buying a new CNC machine for your business is a big investment, and one that you don’t want to have to cut corners on. That’s why financing your CNC purchase is a good idea, so long as you get the right deal, and CAMaster works with one of the most prestigious lenders in the industry to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. If that doesn’t work for you, you are free to use your preferred bank or lender.

Features of CAMaster financing include:

  • smooth financing for a new business
  • industry best interest rates
  • 100 percent tax write off
  • early pay off after 12months with no penalty

Benefits to financing your CNC purchase include:

Increased cash flow: financing your equipment means that your cashflow remains positive because it is not tied up in your purchases. These leaves your cash free for other investments so that you can continue to expand your business, earn profits, and produce income.

Preserve credit lines: using financing enables you to maintain and enhance your borrowing capacity, so you can expand your sources of credit for future investments.

Inflation hedges: Each dollar you pay towards the end of the term has less purchasing power than the dollars you pay at the beginning of the term, because your monthly payments remain the same for the period of the loan, this means that you are paying for the equipment you need today, with tomorrow’s lower-value dollars.

Facilitates Change

You can easily add additional equipment on to your existing financing agreement, or apply the equity from your loan to lease new equipment, so you can ensure your CNC technology is always up to date.

At CAMaster we know how important high-quality CNC routers and plasma cutters are for your industry and we want to help you have the best. We stand by every machine we sell, and when it comes to top quality CNC machines, technical support and service, we are second to none. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you finance your CNC purchase.