Saving Money With A CNC Router

If you are in the manufacturing business, buying a CNC router can save you money and increase your production. Before buying a CNC Router, it’s important that you do your homework. Once you understand the most common terms related to this device, you will understand how they can work for you.

  • Motors: The servo, stepper, closed loop stepper drives provide the motion. The motors come in many sizes and are designated as a NEMA XX size. NEMA 23 and 34.
  • Torque: The motor torque is rated in ounce-inches, like foot pounds on car engines, only smaller units for smaller motors. The higher the “oz in,” the more power the motor has. Rack and pinion, ballscrew, gearbox, belt drive all convert rotary motion into linear motion.
  • Software: This provides the motion control. There are “branded” proprietary versions that are made to operate specific makes of machine. Other software solutions can operate multiple brands. Some require a hardware purchase, while others do not. Some run industry standard G-code. Some software is easier to use than others. A good software solution is stable and does not create problems for users, whether you are a CNC router novice or a veteran.

As you look at online brochures or talk to a company’s sales person, it’s important to pay attention to catchphrases and buzzwords. Anytime a successful marketing campaign from one manufacturer uses a buzzword, their competitors will try to find a way to include that word or phrase in their respective advertising.

Pay attention to what salespeople don’t say.  Some sellers use outright sleight of hand by moving you in one direction so that you won’t look in another.

Finally, read the fine print and determine exactly what you’ll be paying for. Watch out for specs that are published for one model and not another. Find out what is not included with a product and what it will cost to add it.

At CAMaster, we use machinery, hardware and software to facilitate and increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. Our team has a vast knowledge base and we are committed to sharing our experience with you to help you take your enterprise to the next level. Call us today to talk to us about our CNC router options.