Popular CNC Router Software

WinCNC is one of the most popular CNC router software solutions on the market today, and has been for many years. This combined software and hardware package gives the user full control of a CNC router via a Windows PC. The hardware is comprised of a 64-bit high-speed digital PCI card and daughter circuit board that can be easily installed inside the PC.

What You Get

The WinCNC software package is compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 operating systems. The program requires a Pentium 4 or faster CPU, 1GB of system memory, an enabled USB port, and an available PCI slot.

The software component permits a wide range of routing capabilities including:

  • full spindle speed control using digital or analog commands
  • automatic, single, dual or manual tool changer options
  • precise machine mapping to eliminate inaccuracies
  • bit wear compensation
  • monitoring of temperature
  • overcut monitoring
  • automatic tool length measuring
  • full support of gang drills, drills, spindles, and multiple routers
  • restart capability

Don’t be intimidated by the thought that WinCNC is a complex program to use. A wide range of online training and support is available, some of which can provide you with direct online support while you are at your CNC router. CAMaster offers hands-on training sessions for anyone wanting to learn or brush up on the programs capabilities. The aim is to get CNC users full operational and familiar with the initial setup of a new machine as well as the most commonly used commands. Other aspects of the training include routine maintenance and multi-tool use.

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