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Configure your machine to work for you. Explore these product options and accessories to find the ones you need to work as efficiently as possible


The FTC is a fast way to make frequent tool changes within a program. It comes with a “micro touch plate” mounted to the side of the table that measures the length of the new cutting tool and gives that information to the operating software making tool changes a “touch and go” operation.


The laser cross hair is a great way to quickly set the starting position of the spindle’s both the X and Y axis. The high strength red diode places a “cross hair” on the material allowing a user to set an X-Y zero where the spindle will start machining.

Recoil Indexing Lathe

The Recoil Indexing Lathe is used for full 3D carving. It mounted on the side of the machine and comes with a head stock, tail stock, rails, and motor/drive system. The tail stock is a removable, live center point. Can carve stock up to 6” diameter on the Stinger I, 10” diameter on the Stinger II and 12” diameter on the Stinger III and all Panthers. Indexing means that the work material can be rotated 360 degrees.

T‐Slot Clamping Table

Aluminum T‐Slot tracks are recessed into the machine tabletop. Clamps are also included which are slotted into the tracks to accommodate work pieces of different sizes.

Phenolic Table Top

Phenolic is a non-porous material that is a great tabletop option for vacuum tables as it does not bleed any air. It is also a great option if you plan to cut aluminum as it will not absorb moisture and swell up from the lubricant used while cutting.

Vacuum Table

A zoned vacuum tabletop is used to hold your work pieces in place when using a vacuum pump. CAMaster will rout out the vacuum tabletop with the appropriate number of zones and will install all plumbing, connections and valves for the operation of the vacuum table.

Vacuum Table with T-Slot

A vacuum tabletop is combined with aluminum T‐Slot tracks. This gives you the ability to use either use a vacuum system or clamping to hold down your work pieces. Clamps are included and may be slotted into the tracks to accommodate work pieces of different sizes.

Vacuum Pod System

A vacuum pod system allows you lift your work piece off the main table to allow access to the edge of the piece for shaping or profiling. Vacuum pods are small blocks that act as vacuum hold down devices on a CNC vacuum table.

Busch Vacuum Pump

This is a Rotary Claw pump that creates a very deep vacuum pressure (27 In Hg). It is very good in managing the air bleed from the traditional MDF spoilboard. Lower horsepower (8 to 10 HP) claw pumps will generally outperform high horsepower regen blower systems for part holddown. The Busch pump can operate on either 3 Phase 220/460V or Single Phase 220V Power.

Becker Vacuum Pump

This is a Rotary Vane pump. It is capable of creating a large amount of vacuum pressure (23 In Hg). Same as with the claw pump, a lower horsepower (8 to 10 HP) vane pump will generally outperform high horsepower regen blower systems for part holddown. The Becker pump operates on 3 Phase 220/460V Power

Black Box Vacuum Pump

The Hurricane, Cyclone and Storm Vacuum Systems operate on Single Phase 220-230V Power. This is ideal for small shops as it saves them from expensive phase converters or power drops. The Hurricane Vacuum System creates 9.5 In Hg and 400 CFM. The Cyclone Vacuum System creates 9.5 In Hg and 300 CFM. The Storm Vacuum System creates 9.5 In Hg and 190 CFM

Vision Registration System (VRS)

The CAMaster CutVision is a digital visual registration system that utilizes both software and a digital camera to automatically find and recognize conventional registration marks and adjust the machine’s cutting path as necessary to achieve exact cutting alignment with printed shapes. CutVision allows virtually any printed material to be accurately and precisely cut including card, vinyl, rubber, foam, wood, acrylic and many more.

Manual Spindles

HSD air cooled electro-spindle made in Italy. Each spindle comes with Spindle Speed Control which gives user precise control of Spindle RPM through the controller and Spindle On/Off, controlled via G‐ Code. The manual spindles are available in an ER20, ER25 or ER32 holder system based on HP Selected. Also includes 3 collets – 1/4”, 3/8″, and 1/2″.
Manual Spindles Options: 0.7 KW (1 HP), 1 KW (1.34 HP), 1.7 KW (2.28 HP), 3.0 KW (4.02 HP), 3.9 KW (5.22 HP), 7.0 KW (9.38 HP)

Automatic Tool Change (ATC) Spindles

HSD air cooled ATC spindles made in Italy. For the Cobra, each ATC spindle comes with 10 tool cones, 10 tool forks and 10 collets. For the Panther, 8 tool cones, 8 tool forks and 8 collets.

ATC Spindle Options: 5 HP (ISO-30), 12 HP (ISO-30), 16 HP (HSK-63F)

Linear Tool Rack

The linear tool rack comes with the automatic tool change feature. The tool rack holds 10 tools including an aggregate tool.

Rotary Tool Carousel

A gantry mounted Rotary Tool Carousel enables quick tool changes plus it gives the operator the ability to load and unload from all sides of the machine.

Drill Bank

A Drill Bank is used to speed up the hole drilling process using a CNC Router. Drill heads are available in a 5 position or a 9 position. Ideal option for cabinet makers, custom millworkers, exhibit and display manufacturers who are process a large number of sheets.

Laser Engraver

A high powered 7W laser that is fully integrated to the CNC machine. The laser is capable of both vector engraving and raster engraving. The laser will engrave multiple types of materials including wood, plastics, foam, paper, cardboard, rubber, leather, ceramic, anodized aluminum, PVC, vinyl, acrylics and more.

Oscillating Knife

An Oscillating tangential knife is designed to provide high accuracy cutting of soft and semi rigid materials including but not limited to Graphic Foam boards, Closed Cell Foam, Plastic-covered Foam, Corrugated Cardboard, Plastic, Gasket Materials, Rubber, Cork, Carpet, Felt, Vinyl and more. Comes standard with an air permeable cutting mat that is placed on the tabletop of your CNC machine when using the knife. Air permeability allows the mat to be used while using a vacuum system.

Tangential Knife

A non-oscillating tangential knife is designed for cutting heavier, thicker and harder materials. It comes with a gliding shoe that is used to hold down the material when cutting and can be adjusted depending on the holding force required.  Comes standard with an air permeable cutting mat that is placed on the tabletop of your CNC machine when using the knife. Air permeability allows the mat to be used while using a vacuum system.

Interchangeable Knife System

This allows you to quickly swap between three different knife modules including the Oscillating Knife, Tangential Knife, and the Creasing Wheel. You can get one module with the purchase of the machine and as the need arises, simply add different modules with no hardware or software changes.

Popup Locating Pins

Pop up locating pins are the most reliable method of ensuring quick and easy material positioning. Your machine is configured with three pneumatically controlled pins. The heavy-duty pins are integrated to the deck of the machine and will withstand the repeated impacts of locating materials for the life of the machine.

Automatic Lubrication System

The CAMaster Auto Lube System ensures the CNC router’s bearings and ball screw are properly and automatically lubricated. Lubrication occurs while the machine is in operation which reduces downtime and the right amount of grease is applied to each component every time, removing the guess work on maintenance.

Mister System

The Mister System provides a cost-effective solution for cutting nonferrous metals. When used in non-ferrous cutting applications, the Mister System dispenses small amounts of Micro-Drop synthetic or vegetable-based lubricant to cool and lubricate the cutting tool. A phenolic top is recommended as it will not absorb moisture from the lubricant used while cutting.

Aggregate Tool

Aggregate Tools are used to perform applications such as horizontal, or angled cutting and drilling. An aggregate tool attaches to the spindle in similar fashion as the tool holder does. A C-axis is available if you need to rotate the aggregate tool so that you can cut or drill on all sides

Maintenance Kit

The Maintenance Kit contains almost everything you need to tune-up your machine in one convenient package. The Kit includes a Grease Gun, Needle Adaptor, Recommended Grease and Maintenance Instructions.

Handheld Keypad

The Remote Handheld Keypad is a great way to operate your CNC Control PC without having to use a cumbersome keyboard. The keypad connects to your PC via a 15′ USB cable. The keypad comes with 20 pre-programmed buttons.

Wireless Keypad

A wireless keypad allows the machine operator to run the machine wirelessly up to 300 ft.

Starter Bit Set

A range of 10 bits to get you started carving in several substrates: wood, acrylic, and non‐ferrous metals. These bits are manufactured by Amana Tools.

Safety Mats

Safety mats are fitted around the machine to provide a safe area for operators. The safety mat can be setup so that if someone or some object is on the mat, the machine will not start. Also, when the machine is operating or cycling, the machine will stop if someone steps on the mat.

Extended Gantry Clearance

For applications that need a higher gantry clearance such as mold making or three-dimensional carving, extended gantry clearances 10″ – 24″ are available on our Cobra Elite

Training Options

CAMaster personnel can assist you with training in the use of software and/or machine operation, depending on your needs. Training can be done either at customer’s location, at CAMaster’s facility or online.