Is There a Lathe Attachment Available From CAMaster?

Is There a Lathe Attachment Available From CAMaster

As well as many other options for the CAMaster line of Stinger CNC routers, there are two available lathe attachments.

The Recoil Indexing Lathe

This lathe attachment is available for all Stinger models and is easily mounted on the side of the CNC router so that it will obstruct the table top when it is not being used. The indexing lathe has a motor/drive system, rails and head and tail stock.

For the Stinger I and II models, the head stock has a ¾” x 16 TPI threaded shaft, enabling the addition of a jaw chuck or face plate. Indexing allows your work material to be rotated 360 degrees as the Stingers spindle carves the length of the piece.

  • Stinger I (SR‐23): For carving stock up to 6” diameter and 36” in length
  • Stinger II (SR‐34 & SR‐44): For carving stock up to 10” diameter and 48” in length
  • Stinger III (SR‐48): For carving stock up to 12” diameter and 96” in length

Recoil Indexing Lathe Ready

This option is also available for all Stinger CNC router models, and allows you to add a Recoil Indexing Lathe in the future. The machine comes with a 4th axis controller and a drive preinstalled and enabled within the software package. Future plug in of a recoil head is facilitated by the motor wires which are set to recoil. The gantry is also extended ready for the placement of the recoil indexing lathe.

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