How Much Space Is Needed For a Stinger III?

How Much Space Is Needed For a Stinger III

If you are looking for an industrial grade CNC router that is affordable, the Stinger III is an excellent choice. The rigid steel frame and quality precision bearings mean that this machine performs with a smooth travel, even at the highest speeds. You will notice right away how the open table design enables the operator to have unrestricted access from multiple sides of the router, permitting greater control and efficiency. The Stinger III has a footprint of 78’x 134’and has a weight of 1500lbs, making it a higly rigid machine.

Advantages of the Stinger III CNC router

  • design features equivalent to those in much more expensive machines
  • in-house manufactured structural parts
  • in-house built controls
  • anti-backlash self-adjusting transmissions
  • optional closed-loop stepper motor
  • industrial quality electrical components
  • high Definition Digital Microstep Drive System & High Torgue NEMA 34 Motors
  • all axes have limit switches
  • dual drive on the Y axis
  • a control PC with 19” monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • WinCNC industrial controller
  • free tech support that lasts for the life of the machine
  • free remote support that lasts for the life of the machine

The Stinger III is by far the best value CNC router for a machine this size. Successful industry leaders such as, General Electric, Fender Guitars, NASA, MIT, USA Navy, Anheuser Busch, use CAMaster CNC Routers.

At CAMaster we know how important high-quality CNC routers are for your industry and we want to help you have the best. We stand by every machine we sell, and when it comes to top quality CNC machines, technical support and service, we are second to none. Contact us today to discuss how we can help find out more about the Stinger series.