How Long Can I Keep My Stinger 1 Running For

How Long Can I Keep My Stinger 1 Running For

The Stinger I CNC router is the most sturdy and efficient bench top machine of its kind. It is compact and won’t put a big dent in your budget, yet is also has the capabilities to be effective in a production environment. The machine is built on a welded steel frame and with industrial quality Hiwin rails and bearings it a robust yet smooth movement.

You can use your Stinger for hours at a time. The main thing to remember is to perform constant maintenance on your machine.

Maintaining your CNC Router

If you perform efficient cleaning and maintenance on your CNC router, you will extend its lifetime. Here are some routine cleaning and maintenance tips.

  • Use a reliable virus blocker on your computer and run regular checks.
  • Don’t allow dust to build up in the main frame or control box
  • Clean the control box regularly.
  • Prevent the ball screw from attracting foreign bodies by regular cleaning.
  • Clear the table after each project.
  • Remove chips of material from rails to prevent build-up of debris.
  • Lubricate the bearings when necessary.

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