How a CNC Router Can Cut Labor Time

CNC Router Can Cut Labor Time

You might be surprised at how much labor time you can save with a CNC router. A perfect example is Connecticut-based Tuscarora Plastics Inc. Before the introduction of CNC routers, the company was cutting the prototypes of its molded foam products by hand, which in some cases was taking several hours of skilled labor. Since the company has installed CNC machines to cut the prototypes automatically, the whole process takes between one and four hours, including the programming and set up and cutting time.

Free Up Time

The machines only have to be attended while the foam is being loaded and the finished pieces are being removed. This means that the human prototype fabricators are free to work on other projects while the machines are operating.

Flawless Programming

The CNC machines also save time because after each new foam part is designed using the machines software program, the model can be exported directly into the CAM program, thus eliminating the need to create drawings for the prototype maker.

Endless Benefits

Using CNC routers to fabricate foam prototypes has certainly paid off for Tuscarora in several ways including more efficient use of labor, better quality samples and more satisfied clients. Perhaps it’s time you considered how CHC router might benefit your business.

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