Getting the Most Out of Your Small CNC Router

Getting the Most Out of Your Small CNC Router

Although the benefits of a small CNC router run a wide gamut, it’s only as efficient as the way you use it.

There’s a lot to be said about small CNC routers, especially if you are a hobbyist or have a small business. They are both versatile and affordable for a small shop.

Once you realize how versatile a small CNC router can be, you can really get the most out of it. Here are just a few of its potential applications.

  • Woodworkers will appreciate the versatility of a small CNC router. It can add intricate details to your next project. It allows you much greater accuracy that you could achieve with traditional woodworking methods.

  • You can use your CNC router to carve complex designs that would take hours to carve by hand. The software allows you to take virtually any 3D design and create precise carving tool paths to suit your creative needs with fine detail.

  • As a hobbyist, you will be able to mill wood, aluminum, acrylics foam, and much more easily. It just takes minutes to download designs from the Internet or draw your own. With the help of your CNC router, you’ll have functional parts quickly and easily.

  • With a small CNC router, you can perform detailed engraving on a wide range of materials, including: brass, aluminum, acrylics, and wood. You can use a variety of different spindles and bits to create the desired effects.

  • With a CNC router cutting foam has never been easier. Whether you’re making a gift or helping the children with a school project you can make foam shapes quickly and efficiently.

  • You can quickly turn any design into peel-and-stick vinyl graphics. Use them to make stickers for the kids or labels for your other products.

Check out these tips and tricks for getting the most out of a small CNC router machine:

Tips and Tricks for Better Performance of CNC Router Machines

Consider practicing these tips to get the most out of your small router CNC.

Learn Your Way Around the Software

Software like CAD and CAM feature functions that enable you to improve your finishes, augment milling time, and significantly expand the capabilities of a small router CNC. Learning how the software works, its best features and the downsides allows you to maximize features that enhance your small CNC router’s machining capabilities.

Prep Small CNC Router Projects

Although a small CNC router machine is ideal for small projects, you can enhance output by setting up the next project while the current one is in the making. It will significantly reduce downtime and enhance productivity.

Skip Deep Cavities

A small router CNC machine has a limited cutting length.  Avoid cutting through deep cavities for a smooth-sailing machining experience, and for cleaner, finer designs.

Limit Small Cavities and Holes to 2.5mm

Small cavities, holes, and other small features may enhance your design, but they increase milling time and difficulty. Try to avoid them – and if you must include them, limit their diameter to 2.55mm.

Regularly Clean Your Machine

Keeping your small CNC router clean helps maintain it’s precision longer and allows you to spot and fix problems in time. It also means you don’t have to worry about your next project, because you know your small CNC router machine is ready to use.

Prioritize Feeds and Speeds Calculations

Calculating your feeds and speeds before starting a project prevents costly mistakes and results in quality designs you and your clients will love. If you don’t know how to calculate, use a small CNC router machine feed and speed calculators available online.

We Offer the Best in Small CNC Routers

To make the most of your small CNC router machine, you need to start with buying a quality one.

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