Getting the Best CNC Router for Your Money

Best CNC Router for Your Money

How much you spend on a CNC router will depend on the size of machine you require, the model you choose and the features it has installed. Each CNC machine has its range of capabilities. Here is a rundown of the four categories of CNC router and their general price ranges.

CNCs For The Hobbyist

Hobby CNC routers are priced around $600-$4000. They range in size from 3’ x 6’ and 12’ x 12’.  As well as hobbies, these machines can be used for small home businesses. They are available in the form of a kit or prebuilt. This type of machine has no extra features installed.

Low-Range CNCs

This model has a price range of between $4000-$20,000. The routers are sized up to 4′ x 8′. Low-range models operate on 3 axes and are designed for light duty work. The wide variance in price depends on the type of spindle the router has. The router spindle options are standard or industrial. Low-range machines usually have a dust collection system installed. They are driven by a stepper motor or basic servo system.

Mid-Range CNCs

Similar to low-range models but with a heavier construction, mid-range models cost around $20,000-$60,000.  The frame is usually made of reinforced steel. The servo system has three axes. A CNC controller is included. Extra features include an automatic tool changer.

High-End CNCs

This type of CNC router will cost you between $60,000-$100,000 and is designed for industrial use. They feature the best components, such as stand-alone vacuum systems and automatic tool change spindles. They include a controller and computer module. When you purchase a high-end CNC router, the company will usually provide optional training services.

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