Getting Perfect Circles with your Cobra CNC Router

Getting Perfect Circles with your Cobra CNC Router

There will be times during your production process that you want to obtain perfect circles with your Cobra CNC router. But sometimes things might not go as planned and your circle may turn out to look more like an oval. This can happen for a number of reasons.

Machine Code Error

If your circles are coming out like ellipsoids, one of the first things to check is your machine code. Make sure you have the correct g code

The Type Of Material You Are Using

All materials will behave differently. The best thing to do when cutting a circle, particularly if you are using a material that you have not used before, is to make a test run. If you run into problems you can then eliminate them one at a time. This will save on time and materials.

The Type Of Bit You Use

If you’re concerned that the problem might be due to the type of bit you are using, try to create the circle using more than one pass. For example, you might try cutting the circle with two passes, leaving a small amount of material then make a last cleaning pass.

The Size And Speed Feed

For creating perfect circles with your, you should remember that the size of the hole and the speed feed are directly correlated. The smaller the hole you require; the slower speed feed you need.

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