Foam Cutting Using a CNC Router

Foam Cutting Using a CNC Router

A CNC router provides a means of cutting materials using computer numerical control. It can be used to cut a number of different substances including wood, metal, composites and foam. CNC routers are available in various sizes, from a small table-top device suitable for home DIY, to industrial models suitable for large scale manufacturing. Typically, CNC routers are available in 3-axis and 5-axis formats.  Despite the difference in size, most CNC routers have similar basic parts including:

  • a dedicated CNC controller
  • servomotors
  • spindle motors
  • servo amplifiers
  • Stepper motors
  • AC inverter drives
  • ball nuts
  • linear guides
  • workspace table

Whatever material you are cutting, a CNC router generally produces consistently high-quality work. It is superior to a jig router because it allows production of a one-off piece just as effectively as multiple identical products.

Key Benefits of a CNC Router

  • Versatility – it can be used to produce numerous different items, such as cabinets, moldings, signs, panels, door carvings, and musical instruments.
  • Repeatability – it can ensure efficient factory output through production of multiple pieces.
  • Plastic formation – by automating the trimming process, it help with the formation of plastics.
  • Reducing waste – speed and accuracy can eliminate errors and get the products to market quicker.

Cutting Foam

CNC routers are ideal for cutting all types of foam from floral to butterboard and allow you maximum precision and control.  The best type of bit for this job is industrial grade solid carbide. Bits with an up-cut spiral designed will prevent chips from gathering in the work piece.

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