Featured CNC Router Application: Sign Making

Featured CNC Router Application: Sign Making

Manufacturers today use a computer numerical control or CNC router to streamline the process of cutting and print applications for creating commercial signages. These routers can cut multiple parts at a time, including decorative carving.

Due to their capabilities, CNC routers have become one of the favorite tools of professional sign makers. A single machine can produce multiple CNC router signs accurately and efficiently.

This computer-controlled machine has a mounted router working as a spindle. It can easily carve and cut various materials such as foams, glass, plastics, metals, composites and wood. This automated machine can perform tasks by joinery and carpentry machines like panel saws, boring machines, tenons, mortises and spindle molders.

How To Use CNC Routers for Sign Making

An operator uploads the coordinates into the machine’s CAD (Computer Aided Design) program, which translates the designs into the ‘G-Code’ instructions that the machine can understand. CNC routers are available in a wide range of sizes, from small, tabletop routers suitable for a home D.I.Y shop to industrial-size routers.

Operators will then use a toolpath program and select the router tools necessary to create the uploaded design. Operators will also configure other settings, such as the cut depth and speed.

After determining the center point of the material, clamps will be attached to the table to hold the material in place. Finally, the operator places the bit (or other tools) in position at the starting part and then initiates the G-code to make the CNC router begin the cutting process.

After that, the system will formulate all the necessary cutting instructions that the sign-making CNC router will follow. From there, the cutting and carving will proceed automatically without human intervention.

Why Use a CNC Router for Sign Making

CNC routers are perfect for making signs of all shapes and sizes. With plenty of CNC router applications, professional sign makers use these versatile tools for v-bit carving, 3D carving, engraving, fluting and profile contouring. Sign makers also use CNC routers for cutting frames, borders, posts and channel letter components.

Using a CNC router for sign making provides several crucial advantages over other forms of sign making:

  • High-Level Precision and Accuracy

The cutting instructions and procedures are computer generated, which is far more accurate than any handheld cutting operation. Since these machines have excellent accuracy, the waste produced in the process is greatly reduced.

  • Ease of Operation

Automated routers prove to be easy to operate. Professional sign makers only require simple training to operate a CNC machine.

  • Repeatability

CNC router machines can repeat the same steps repeatedly to produce identical signs, making production faster and more efficient.

  • Improved Safety

You improve workplace safety because all the cutting and carving is performed by a machine, reducing potential injuries to your staff and crew.

  • Reduced Manpower Costs

One CNC router machine can perform many sign-making tasks, reducing manpower costs.

Benefits of CNC Routers for Sign Work

Manufacturing CNC router signs offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Complete control over the design process.
  • Create prismatic and iso-formed letters.
  • Your options are not limited to small-scale signs.
  • Capability to break down 2D and 3D projects into manageable components.

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