Featured CNC Router Application: Sign Making

wooden sign cnc router application

A CNC router is controlled by a computer. The operator uploads the coordinates into the machine’s CAD program which translated the designs into the ‘G-Code’ instructions that the machine can understand. CNC routers are available in a wide range of sizes from small, tabletop routers suitable for a home D.I.Y shop, to industrial.

CNC routers are perfect for making signs of all shapes and sizes and have become a favorite tool for professional sign makers. This is mainly because of their versatility. In sign making, they are used for v-bit carving, 3D carving, engraving, fluting, and profile contouring. Sign makers also use CNC routers for cutting frames, borders, posts, and channel letter components.

Benefits of CNC Routers for Sign Work

Using a CNC router in your sign making shop has many benefits including:

  • you have complete control over the design process
  • you can create prismatic and iso-formed letters
  • you are not limited to small-scale signs
  • you can break down 2D and 3D projects into manageable components

Here at CAMaster, we are committed to facilitating and increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency by providing the best quality CNC routers and accessories. Our team has a broad knowledge base, and we are dedicated to sharing our experience with you to help you take your machine shop to the next level. Contact us today to discuss our range of Stinger and Cobra CNC routers for sign making.