Cutting Aluminum Using a CNC Router

Cutting Aluminum Using a CNC Router

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine. It is easily programmable and the design is converted to G-code which the machine can use to set the coordinates and make the required cuts. This tool enables the user to cut 3D objects from a wide range of materials including: wood, foam, plastics, steel, and aluminum.

Aluminum Machining

Though people often equate CNC machining with wood and plastics, few are aware that a CNC router can also be used for cutting aluminum. Here are some tips to remember when machining aluminum with a CNC router.

  • Choose carbide cutters: this will help boost your rpm because carbide cutters can run faster than Cobalt and HSS.
  • Use smaller cutters: cutters with a smaller diameter will also help increase rpm.
  • Clear chips: doing this on a regular basis will prevent you from breaking cutters.
  • Lubricate: using a mist to lubricate will help prevent chips from sticking to the cutting edges.
  • Keep up the feedrate: if you slow down the feedrate too much, your router tool will start to rub rather than keep cutting.
  • Make multiple shallow passes: this will prevent aluminum chips from gathering at the bottom of the hole.
  • Make fewer flutes and wider cuts: for aluminum, you won’t want to make more than three flutes. This will reduce the risk of jamming that may break your cutter.

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