Stinger III

The Stinger III CNC Router is designed with a small footprint yet provides a generous work envelope. It offers the best platform for a small shop looking to cut full size sheets.

The Stinger III comes in a 4’ x 8’ table size

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Construction for rigidity and vibration free machining
  • Helical Rack and Pinion Drive System for high acceleration, smooth running and high dimensional accuracy
  • Digital Steppers on All Axes with Planetary Gearboxes for reliable performance and cut quality
  • Customizable systems built for different business needs
  • Made in the USA

Starting Price

Stinger 3 CNC Router

The Stinger III CNC is an Industrial Grade CNC Router that opens multiple avenues for your shop. The Stinger III is constructed with a welded steel frame and industrial quality precision bearings with hardened steel rails on each axis, giving it a smooth and rigid travel at top speeds. The Stinger III open table design of the machine gives the operator unrestricted access from multiple sides of the router.

The Stinger III can be upgraded to the X3 system as well as larger spindle options. The Stinger III also uses the same Recoil as the Cobra giving you 2 more inches of carving in the round. Designed with the small cabinet and sign shops in mind, the Stinger III is by far the best value in the world of CNC Routers.

Each Stinger III comes with a control PC that runs Windows 10 PRO and has a 19” LED monitor. This control PC is preloaded with WinCNC (an industrial grade control software) and is tested with the machine it will be shipped with. The Stinger III also comes with Vectric’s V-Carve Pro design software, complete with nesting, making it a truly turnkey solution.


Stinger III machines come standard with:

  • 3.5 HP Variable Speed Milwaukee Router
  • Vectric VCarve Pro Design Software
  • High Definition Digital Microstep Drive System & High Torgue NEMA 34 Motors
  • Router On/Off via G-Code and Control PC
  • 25 MM Heavy Duty Precision Rails & Bearings on all Axis
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Industrial quality electronic components
  • E Chain on all Axis
  • Dust Boot
  • Limit Switches on all Axis
  • Emergency Stop
  • Z-Zeroing Plate
  • Dual Drive on Y Axis
  • Control PC that runs Windows 10 PRO and a 19” LED monitor
  • WinCNC Industrial Controller
  • Free Tech Support for the Life of the Machine
  • Free Remote Support Technician for the Life of the Machine

Rapid Speeds (X,Y,Z)

Rapid Speeds1,000 IPM
Cut Speeds 500 IPM
Repeatability0.001” (+/-)


SR-4849” X 97 ” X 8”


SR-48 70” X 133 ”


SR-481500 lbs.


SR-482700 lbs.

Options and Upgrades

Machine Layout

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