Panther Series

The Panther CNC Router is a full production machine that is built for small sized businesses looking to expand their production capabilities.

The Panther comes standard with SmartCore, a next generation CNC Automation System developed by Yaskawa that has revolutionized the way our CNC routers perform.

Available in three table sizes; 5’ x 5’, 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 10′

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction for rigidity and vibration-free machining
  • SmartCore CNC Control powered by Yaskawa – next generation CNC technology
  • Helical Rack and Pinion Drive System for high acceleration, smooth running, and high dimensional accuracy
  • Servo Motors on All Axes with Planetary Gearboxes for high-speed and high-power performance
  • Customizable systems that are built to order for unique business needs and applications
  • Made in the USA

Starting Price

Panther Series CNC Router

Note: shown with optional features


The Panther is a best-in-class CNC router that gives you the power, precision, and speed to do full production work.

The Panther is constructed with a welded steel frame, steel gantry and steel gantry supports. It comes standard with Yaskawa SmartCore Controller, Yaskawa AC servos with absolute encoders, high precision planetary gearboxes, 25 MM bearings and is rated at 1,000 IPM cut speed and 2,000 IPM rapid traverse speed.

The Panther’s cutting head is upgradable to an Automatic Tool Change (ATC) spindle for quicker tool changes, increased cycle times and boost in production times.

The Panther open design gives the operator unrestricted access from multiple sides of the router. Each Panther comes with a control PC that runs Windows 10 PRO and has a 19” LED monitor. The Panther also comes with Vectric’s V-Carve Pro design software, complete with nesting, making it a truly turnkey solution.

The Panther is shipped completely built and tested from our facility in Cartersville, GA USA


Panther machines come standard with:

  • 5 HP HSD Spindle
  • All-Steel Welded Frame
  • All-Steel Gantry and Supports
  • Yaskawa Digital AC Servo Drive System
  • SmartCore by Yaskawa CNC Motion Controller
  • High Precision Planetary Gearboxes
  • 25 MM Precision Rails & Bearings
  • Failsafe Motor Brake System
  • PC Front End Control
  • Adjustable Dust Boot
  • Custom Built Monitor Stand with On/Off, Cycle Start/Stop, E-Stop and USB
  • Vectric VCarve Pro Software
  • Free Tech Support and for Life of the Machine
  • Free Live Direct Online Technician


Rapid Speeds 2,000 IPM
Cut Speeds 1,000 IPM
Repeatability 0.001” (+/-)


PT-50561" X 61" X 10"
PT-40861" X 97" X 10"
PT-51061" X 121" X 10"


PT-50579" X 81"
PT-40891" X 94"
PT-51088" X 155"

Options and Upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Machine Layout

Preparing For Your Machine

The next generation CNC Automation System that leaves everything else behind. This new system was developed in partnership with Yaskawa, the global leader in industrial automation.

SmartCore has completely revolutionized the way our CNC routers perform. It is a combination of decades of our knowledge and experience in the CNC machine tool sector, together with Yaskawa’s 100+ years of technological advancements in motion control.

Advantages of the SmartCore system:

  • Built by Yaskawa, the #1 servo company in the world with over a century of industrial automation experience. Yaskawa products are available on the world‘s best machine tools.
  • Next Generation CNC Controller developed by Yaskawa with a built-in high-speed PLC processor that provides fast interpolation times and offers more standard features than any other CNC controller.
  • Yaskawa servo amplifiers, motors, VFD’s, power supplies and communication buses with the most technologically advanced features.
  • Completely digital system, from command to feedback, with all the involved modules communicating via digital protocols, resulting in vast improvements in the machine data flow and a significant immunity to noise.
  • Super-Fast. Equipped with the latest servo communication bus, MECHATROLINK-III, using Industrial Ethernet technology at super-fast 100 Mbit speeds.
  • Open Architectural Hardware and Software – can work with any CAD/CAM available.
  • Equipped with COMPASS, an operator friendly machine interface with intuitive and easy to use screens, simplified part setup, full-featured file editing, and tool path simulation.
  • High reliability and easy maintenance. Yaskawa’s hardware availability far exceeds any competitor. Hardware is equipped with clear diagnostics that provides a stable platform for maximum machine availability.

SmartCore incorporates all the industry’s latest technology and is built for the most demanding applications. It provides the best performance and reliability in its class!