CNC Routers Perfect for Holiday Carvings

CNC Routers Perfect for Holiday Carvings

The Stinger I CNC router is perfect for the home hobbyist, especially when it comes to making holiday carvings. The Stinger is very affordable and is a conveniently sized bench top router. In spite of its size, this router is incredibly reliable and durable. It has a welded steel frame and top notch Hiwin rails and bearings. It comes with a control PC that runs Windows 7 PRO and has a 19” flat screen monitor. This router is perfect for you home workshop and all those fun projects that all the family can enjoy.

Holiday Carving Projects

Christmas Nativity Tree

This delightful 3D Christmas nativity tree can be scaled to just about any depth or size and will look great hanging on your wall during the holidays.

Christmas Sled

This is a very simple project ad makes a unique holiday decoration; all you need are the two bits that came with your CNC router. The sled is approximately 15.25 inches long and 10 inches wide.


This 3D angel is very detailed and fully scalable, so you can make it small enough to hang on your Christmas tree or large enough for a wall hanging.

Halloween Tombstone

Make Halloween extra spooky with this R.I.P tombstone with skeleton feature is fully scalable. You can paint it and put it by your front door to scare your trick-or-treaters.


This 3D Thanksgiving pilgrim can be scaled to just about any size.

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