CNC Routers And Woodworking

If you’re looking to expand the capabilities of your woodworking shop, a CNC router will do just that. This functional tool is great for carving, routing, cutting to size, and creating rabbets, pockets, v-grooves, chamfers, and dados. What’s more, you can use it with a wide range of materials including:

  • hardwood
  • plywood
  • laminates
  • melamine
  • MDF

With these machines you can fabricate cabinet parts, frames, furniture, decorative carvings, and mantles with ease.

Stinger Routers

The Stinger series is comprised of four routers of varying sizes.

Stinger I: a budget bench-top router with a welded steel frame and industrial quality Hiwin rails and bearings.

Stinger II: is available in two sizes; 3’ x4’ and 4’ x 4’. It is constructed with a weldedsteel frame and industrial quality precision bearings with hardened steel rails on each axis.

Stinger III: can be upgraded to the X3 system as well as larger spindle options. This model also uses the same Recoil as the Cobra giving you 2 more inches of carving in the round.

Stinger IV: has a 4.2 HP HSD high frequency Automatic Tool Changing Spindle, a 4-Tool Rotary Carousel and Advanced Digital Closed Loop Stepper System, which is built for industrial performance.

Cobra Routers

The Cobra series is comprised of an impeccable combination of industrial strength and versatility.  It gives your shop an affordable solution that can grow as your needs develop. The Cobra is manufactured at the CAMaster plant, located in Cartersville, Georgia. The Cobra CNC Router is the most Industrial Router in its class and has garnered attention and trust of companies worldwide.

At CAMaster, we use machinery, hardware and software to facilitate and increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. Our team has a vast knowledge base and we are committed to sharing our experience with you to help you take your enterprise to the next level. Contact us today to discuss our range of Stinger and Cobra CNC routers.