CNC Programming Tips

CNC Programming Tips

There are three different types of CNC programming styles.

1. Manual programming

2. Conversational programming, also known as shop floor programming

3. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Each style of system programming has its own unique application. In this article we will discuss manual programming.

Manual Programming

If you are a beginner and you’re currently using your CNC machine for relatively simple projects, you will tend to use manual programming. This style is prepared in the same language as that which the machine will use to execute the instructions. Although this can be a little tedious at times, it allows you to get very familiar with the CNC machine.

1. Check the Program

Once you’ve entered the program into the machine, always read it through and check the path. Also make sure you’ve made no typing errors. Then you can go ahead and perform the machine set-up.

2. Keep Records of Everything

Don’t be tempted to throw stuff away. If you keep track of all the programs you write and make notes of how well they worked, you will know which ones to use again and which ones need to be modified. You will soon become adept at changing and refining data.

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