Choosing the Right Small CNC Router For Your Home

Panther Series CNC Router

If you are setting up a small, at-home wood shop, a CNC router is a great addition to your toolkit. They have many advantages, including:

  • You can use your CNC router as often as you would like, even all day, every day.
  • You can program your machine with a single design and use it to make hundreds, even thousands of the product, and each one will be exactly the same.
  • Unlike when using manual lathes and milling machines, you do not need to be a skilled engineer to use a CNC machine.
  • You can easily update a CNC router by upgrading the software that drives it.
  • There is plenty of user-friendly virtual software available so you can train how to use a CNC router.
  • Because you can use advanced design software to program your CNC machine, you have the potential to make a product that you could not make using manual machines.
  • The software allows you to simulate the manufacture of your idea, so you also save money because you don’t have to make a prototype.
  • CAMaster offers a bench top CNC router at a very affordable price.

A CNC Router for your At-home Workshop

The Stinger I is the best value bench top CNC router on the market. It is the perfect size for an at-home workshop and is still durable and flexible enough to be used for full production. Each Stinger comes with a control PC that runs Windows 10 and has a 19” flat panel monitor. This control PC is preloaded with WinCNC and is tested with the machine it will be shipped with. The Stinger I also comes with Vectric’s CUT 2D design software.

At CAMaster, our team has a vast knowledge base and we are committed to sharing our experience with you to help you make your at-home wood shop just right for you. Call us today to talk to find out more about our range of CNC machines.