Choosing The Right Size CNC Machine For You

The size CNC machine you choose will depend on what you are making with it and the size of your budget. Fortunately, both Stinger and Cobra CNC routers—two of the world’s most renowned CNC router brands, come in several different sizes.

Stinger I

If you’re looking for a small format bench-top router, the Stinger I is a perfect choice. Despite is size, the Stinger I is robust and flexible enough to be used in a production environment, and it won’t hurt your budget.

Stinger II

If you have a small shop and you’re trying to get the most CNC router for your money, this model is ideal. It’s available in 3’ x4’ and a 4’ x 4’ size. Both have a sturdy steel frame and precision bearings. The Stinger II comes complete with an industrial grade Control software as well as a Control PC

Stinger III

This is an affordable, industrial grade CNC router. The open table design allows you unrestricted access from all sides of the router while you are operating the machine. This versatile machine can be upgraded to the X3 system and larger spindle options.

Stinger IV

When you’re looking for a true industrial grade CNC router this is the machine for you. It makes precise cuts with consistent accuracy and reliable performance. It provides accurate positioning using feedback thanks to the digital closed loop stepper system. It also comes standard with automatic tool changer making it a true production machine

Cobra CNC Routers

CAMaster’s Cobra series is packed with standard and unique features. Industrial power meets versatility is the best way to define this machine. As well as a robust steel frame, this router has a Teknic Servo System, which gives it a smooth and responsive movement.

At CAMaster, we aim to help you increase your company’s productivity and efficiency using high-quality machinery, hardware and software. Our expert team is committed to sharing our experience with you to help you take your enterprise to the next level. Contact us today to discuss our range of Stinger and Cobra CNC routers