Choosing The Right CNC Router

Benefits of a CNC Table Top Router

A CNC (or “computer numerical control”) router is an indispensable part of any assembly toolkit, forming plastics, wood, metal, foam, and more with laser precision. If your organization is seeking a new CNC router, we’re here to help you make the right choice: take a look at some of our top tips when shopping around:

Identify the target material

It may seem obvious on the surface, but it’s crucial to ensure that the router you select is designed specifically to function well with your component materials. Different machines will be rated for wood, metals, and plastics – and using the wrong one can damage your drill bits and/or cause them to slip, ruining the cutting surface. In worst-case scenarios, melted plastic and chips of all material types may make their way into the cutting mechanism and damage the router itself.

Consider unit price – and your own needs

It’s no secret that CNC routers can be expensive pieces of hardware, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. If you plan to make an economical decision, it’s absolutely crucial to have a solid understanding of your needs ahead of time – there’s rarely any reason that a hobbyist or small business owner will need to budget tens of thousands of dollars for their router (nor, on the other hand, should an established or up-and-coming manufacturer waste their time and money on equipment that they’ll quickly outgrow). Take a look as well at what replacement parts may cost you down the road: if they seem overpriced or hard-to-find, you may want to reconsider in favor of a company that takes pride in, and provides better support for, their product.

Look for models that can be upgraded

Innovation is a constant in the assembly industry, and even maintaining your current level of competitiveness will necessitate occasional investment in upgraded services. But your own needs will likely increase as well, especially as your organization continues to grow. Upgradable routers (like all the models in both our Stinger and Cobra series) provide you an efficient way to stay ahead of the curve.

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