Buying a CNC Router: Is it Time to Add One to Your Shop?

Buying a CNC Router

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router specializes in automated cutting, boring, drilling, and milling various materials. Today, the CNC router machine is an essential piece of equipment for any shop.

If you are set on buying a CNC router for the first time or want to upgrade from your current CNC router, here is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the purchase.

Why You Should Add a CNC Router to Your Shop

Are you frustrated by expensive employees, frequent cutting errors, and slow production? An excellent solution is adding a CNC router to your shop.

Here are ways a new CNC router will help combat these issues and others you might not have considered. However, make sure you do your homework before buying a CNC machine.

Automate Your Processes

CNC routers can perform a massive quantity of projects repeatedly and accurately. Your CNC router can carry out repeated designs with accuracy, efficiency, and ease. These routers also drastically increase your production throughput which significantly increases the projects you can complete in an eight-hour day.

A CNC router requires little supervision to work throughout but you may need to turn it off for the occasional maintenance tasks. Automation allows your establishment to produce high-quality work consistently and on a sped-up timeline.

Improved Precision

CNC routers offer incredible, precise performance and consistent production. Input a design and measurements, and the router creates as many items as you want—each exactly as the last. Manual processes are prone to inexact cuts and errors, but having a CNC machine eliminates this problem.

Less Work Waste

The more pieces you have on the floor, the more money you are losing. Improved precision ensures you use raw material better, increasing your saving and profit margins on waste.


CNC routers can cut everything from non-ferrous metal and wood to acrylic and form. This makes the machines an asset in an extensive range of industries and projects. Buy a CNC router for making:

  • Woodworking
  • Molding
  • Furniture
  • Signs, and more

A CNC router can also adapt to your project requirements quickly. You can complete an extensive range of projects in your shop with ease.

Easy to Use

Automating your processes using a CNC router allows you to reduce your workforce, which leads to another significant revenue boost. You depend on fewer skilled workers than you would need with traditional routers because you program each cut into a computer.

Plus, one person can operate several CNC machines at once without getting overwhelmed. Virtual training on the use of the CNC router is available.

Improved Safety

CNC routers take the human risk element almost entirely out of your operations since a key component of your shop is automated. This helps reduce the chance of a safety risk.

Buy a CNC Machine to Replace an Older One

CNC machines are reliable and durable. However, these units are not exempt from aging. Like other machines, a once efficient CNC router can lose overall proficiency as the years go by because of the stress of use.

But how can you tell whether it is time to replace your machine? Here are key situations that can help you decide.

Production Levels are Dropping

At first, gradual wear and tear will not affect production, but the slowdown will probably continue until it does not work at its intended pace. This is when you can consider buying a CNC router that is more efficient and faster.

Your older unit will probably take longer to produce items than it did in the past. This means:

  • You are forced to shut down frequently for maintenance
  • Fixing the unit takes an excessive amount of time
  • Your staff has to carry out extra work to fine-tune items produced

It is Getting Harder to Find Replacement Parts

A major machine maintenance question is whether you should repair the unit or replace it. Consider machine replacement if locating the replacement parts is harder and more expensive.

With routine maintenance and skilled operators, CNC routers sometimes outlast their manufacturers. This is a plus for longevity but not good for replacing parts that no longer exist.

While secondary parts providers are an excellent option, the time you take to look for new parts as your router sits idly translates to lost revenue.

You Have Upgraded Operations

Many CNC router shops will purchase their first machine for a specific craft. While these units do the trick, an expanding production scope means you need a more versatile CNC router.

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Whether you are in the woodworking, metal fabrication, plastics, furniture, or the sign industry, you need a quality CNC router that will produce the parts you need the way you need them. You also need a reliable manufacturer with a stellar reputation for quality and support.

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