Are All CNC Routers The Same?

A CNC (computer numerical control) router is a cutting machine that is a relative of the hand-held router. This type of router can also perform the jobs of many different carpentry shop machines, such as boring, milling, panel sawing and spindle molding. They can also cut tenons and mortises. One of the benefits of a CNC router is that it has the capability to produce consistent, high-quality work whether you are producing one workpiece or one thousand. There are a variety of CNC routers.

Hobbyist Routers

This refers to a router which is homemade – usually designed and built by the owner – using plans that can be bought or downloaded from the internet. Each machine is designed differently based on your budget.

Mid-range CNC Routers

This type of router is built from the same sturdy components as the larger industrial machines but they are smaller in size. This router is suitable for a small manufacturer (signs, guitars). A mid-range router may also be a tabletop router that is small enough to fit in your home workshop.

Industrial CNC Routers

Industrial CNC routers comprise more than 80 percent of CNC routers in circulation. Many carpentry and woodworking companies use several of these larger machines to produce furniture, cabinets, and doors etc. They are heavy-duty machine built for long hours of operation and harsh industrial conditions.

Multi-axis Routers

All CNC have at least three axes and can cut in three dimensions. Sometimes you may require additional flexibility. In this case, four and five axis routers are available. A four axis router has a spindle head that can rotate in an additional plane. A five axis router has a spindle that can rotate in two additional planes.

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