5 Ways to Enhance CNC Machining Productivity

5 Ways to Enhance CNC Machining Productivity

Since CNC routers are computerized pieces of technology, they don’t always require someone standing over them to ensure they are working properly. That’s the beauty of automated technology. However, like anything else, some things can cut into the overall productivity of your CNC machine, including not having the right software, lacking specific power requirements for your machine, and more.

That said, here are five ways to ensure that your CNC machine productivity remains flawless.

1. Know Your CNC Machine’s Power Requirements Ahead of Time

While power requirements aren’t much of an issue for larger companies, those working in smaller spaces need to make sure they have enough power to run their machines adequately. After all, the last thing you want to do is blow the power fuses while setting up your new CNC machine.

As part of your research for your machine, make sure to take the time to review any electrical requirements outlined in the product description or a downloadable product manual.

2. Train Your Personnel

This is particularly important for larger shops using multiple CNC machines at once. Sure, while these machines are designed for set and forget operation, it’s still crucial to have someone well trained in running each unit.

If your personnel is not well trained, then you run the risk of poor-quality production in the event of a programming mishap, or longer downtime should a machine suffer a hiccup and breakdown as a result.

3. Push Your Machines and Tooling to Their Limits

Today’s CNC machines are designed to go fast—and handle a lot of throughput and rpms. That built-for-speed mindset is also true of chip removal rates and tooling designed to achieve new and improved performance levels—depending on the material, of course.

CNC Machines are some of the most profitable assets any business has in its shop. The first order of business for any shop is to keep its machines running. The more the machines are running, the more they are making money for the business.

4. Perform Regularly Scheduled Maintenance to Prevent Unnecessary Downtime

This one may seem a tad elementary, but it’s still worth making a note of. When you are trying to run at peak capacity, it can be easy to skip over the regularly scheduled maintenance of your machine. Depending on the type of machine you have, you’ll want to regularly:

  • Grease your machine
  • Wipe the machine down to rid it of any unnecessary residue
  • Check all filters and clean them as needed
  • Check all parts and pieces for knicks and/or breaks

If you notice anything that looks a bit off during your regular maintenance, then you’ll want to make sure you contact your CNC machine’s manufacturers. They’ll be able to guide you on what needs to be fixed, replaced, etc.

5. Maintain an Organized Workspace

Both small and large shops know just how easily their workspace can become a disaster zone if not properly organized. While CNC router machines are pieces of computerized technology, they do produce quite a bit of mess.

Not only do the cutting machines produce a significant amount of waste, but many craftsmen (especially smaller shops) keep their extra material close by. This is in a bid to cut back on unnecessary downtime by not having to go get extra material in between projects. While that’s all well and good, it can also become a safety hazard if not organized properly.

So, if you store your material nearby, consider storing it in a cabinet or on a shelving unit to keep it off the ground and out of the way. Then, in between projects, take a few minutes to clean up all the extra shavings that may have resulted from the cutting process. This not only helps you maintain a clean workspace but helps keep your machine clean as well.

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