5 Tips for Using A CNC Router for Cutting Aluminum

Using a CNC router to cut aluminum (and other metals) is different than cutting wood or plastics, so there are some important things to remember. Here are five tips to help you when using your CNC to cut aluminum.

  • Don’t Forget The Sweet Spot

Don’t forget that the sweet spot for the best feeds and speeds is much smaller for aluminum than for wood or other materials. Stick to the sweet spot to avoid wear and breakage on your cutters.

  • Take Your Time

Although a CNC router has no problem cutting aluminum, it is not a milling machine. In general, your material removal rates will be less, so don’t be in a hurry.

  • Use Carbide Coated Cutters

If you want to increase your rpm, use carbide cutters because they can handle the high speeds much better than HSS cutters. Although carbide cutters are a little more expensive, they are worth it because of their durability.

  • Clear Your Chips

Recutting chips is the biggest cause of breaking cutters. Make sure that chips are removed from deep cuts. A reliable way to ensure this is to attach an air blast to the spindle and directing it to where the CNC cutter and the material meet. If you make shallower cuts and more passes, this will also help avoid additional chip build-up.

  • Lubricate With A Mister

A mist lubricant will reduce the tendency for chips to stick to the material and the cutting edges.

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