5 Tips for Making Clean Cuts with your CNC Router

Making Clean Cuts with your CNC Router

Making clean cuts with your CNC router is essential for ensuring that your finished workpiece meets your quality standards. Here are some tips to help you keep those cuts accurate and clean.

1. Proper Installation

Make sure that the bit is installed securely in the router. The best way to ensure it’s in place is to insert it until it bottoms out then slide it out about 1/8th inch and tighten up the collet. This will prevent the bit from becoming loose while you’re machining.

2. Clean CNC Router Bits

Keep you bits sharp, smooth and clean at all times. Material build-up on bits and dull cutting edges will result in heat build-up, which will dull the blades further. If your bits have guide bearings, make sure that they are able to spin freely.

3. Speed Limits

Not all bits are designed to run at the same speed. Because larger bits have a greater mass, they can cause more vibration at higher speeds. The general rule is, the larger the bit’s diameter, the slower the speed.

4. Multiple Passes

Make multiple passes rather than one heavy cut to prevent tearout and burning. Two or three light passes, increasing the depth of cut gradually, is much preferable for a clear cut.

5. CNC Router Feed Rate

Don’t have your feed rate too high. This will cause the bit to get bogged down and create a rough cut.

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