5 Popular Woodworking CNC Router Hobbies

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A CNC router is a cutting device that is similar to a manually operated router but is controlled by a computer. It can be used for cutting a wide range of materials including wood and can perform the tasks of many other woodworking tools including a spindle moulder, a boring machine and a panel saw. You can also use a CNC router to create tenons and mortises. Because it is controlled by a computer, a CNC router can produce a series of identical products as well as one off pieces. Here are 5 popular hobbies you can use you CNC router for.

  1. Sign Making: A CNC router is perfect for sign making because it is versatile enough for V-bit carving, 3D carving, fluting, contour profiling, and engraving.
  2. Furniture Making: If you’re feeling ambitious and want to make some unique furniture for you home, a CNC router is perfect for the job. There is no limit to the pieces of furniture you can make, from a baby crib to a rocking chair, a grandfather clock to an armoire.
  3. Boat Building: If you have a passion for being on the water, you can use your CNC router to make the perfect row boat by giving you the precision to cut even the most unwieldy pieces of wood.
  4. Cabinet Making: Give your kitchen a make-over with a set of crafted cabinets using your CNC router. This technology lends itself to the creation of shelves, side panels, dados, draw fronts, and doors.
  5. Instrument Making: You don’t have to be a musical genius to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a guitar, mandolin or violin. A CNC router brings new processes and capabilities to instrument making.

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