Must-Have CNC Router Accessories

Must-have Accessories for your CNC Router

You’ve bought your first CNC router, and you’re all set up and ready to start using it. However, as you explore the machine’s functions and capabilities, you might realize you need other CNC router accessories and tools to achieve your desired output. 


CNC routers are computer-aided, hand-held cutting machines used on wood, glass, plastics, metals, composites, and other substrates. They are very helpful in carpentry shops, signage shops, boat-making workshops, and more. However, a CNC router on its own has limited functions. You’ll need some other essential CNC router accessories, parts, and tools to broaden the range of creative things you can do.  


Here are our top picks of some useful CNC machine accessories:


Dust Collector


A dust collector tops our list because although the CNC router doesn’t need to operate, it is essential for ensuring you can keep using the machine comfortably and safely. 


As the machine cuts through wood, metal, plastic, etc., tiny bits and pieces fly off in every direction. They can obstruct your view as you engrave or cut through the material, which is dangerous as you might accidentally injure yourself. There’s also the danger of inhaling the fine particles, irritating your nose at best, and developing lung diseases at worst. 


By installing a dust collector, you can keep your workspace free of dust and debris. A dust collector is a necessity if you’re working with wood and materials like MDF.


Automatic Tool Changer


An automatic tool changer is necessary if you’re using a CNC machine for mass production or want to reduce dependence on manual operators. 


An automatic tool changer is a circular attachment that holds up to 10 different tools at once. It rapidly spins on its place in the spindle, moving a new tool in place to perform a different style of cutting. It helps save a lot of downtime: instead of stopping the machine, detaching the tool bit, and replacing it with a fresh one, you can get the machine to switch tools automatically with just a few commands on the computer. 


Automatic tool changers are among the most useful CNC router accessories in workshops. If you cut many substrates each day, have a daily production goal, or work on an intricate piece, this can save you a lot of time. Simply assign tool pockets to a tool number so you don’t have to change your existing programs.

CNC Tool Holders


A CNC router has a spindle that controls the cutting tool. Cutting tools are drill bits, mills, taps, engraving tools, cutters, and saws. In order for the spindle to operate a cutting tool, it needs a holder to connect the two components. 


CNC tool holders keep tools steady, enabling the spindle to perform high-precision machining. They provide a firm grip, but some models allow tools to “float” to prevent damage to the tool, the spindle, and the object you’re working on. However, like any mechanical component, tool holders wear out, and the machine’s accuracy can be off when they do. As such, it would be wise to keep stock of your CNC tool holders to prevent delays in operations. 



Did you know that with the right CNC machine accessories, you can reverse engineer pieces that are difficult to find or no longer being produced? A scanner is one of the most essential CNC router accessories for this. It can quickly turn your CNC router into a reproduction machine with a 2D optical scanner. 


To reverse engineer, say, a gasket with a complex design, you only need to scan the sample (the object you want to recreate) and upload the data to the CNC router. After refining the lines, edges, dimensions, and shapes to achieve a perfect digital blueprint of the sample, you can program it to the CNC router and cut out a duplicate gasket from a metal sheet. 


A scanner is a fantastic addition to your CNC router if you do repairs and restorations for devices that are manufactured in limited quantities. It is also essential when making tools, recreating custom designs, or any project requiring high-precision measuring and cutting. 


Touch Probe


To further improve your efficiency in reverse engineering, you can use a kinematic touch probe for your CNC router. It allows you to locate the edges of parts, copying and measuring them for reverse engineering. The probe connects directly to your machine and can be used on metals, plastics, and wood.


A touch probe is an excellent alternative to a scanner if you’re measuring or creating a digital blueprint of a perfect rectangle or square. Touch probes can accurately measure and locate a sharp edge of an object and use it as a reference point for cutting, marking, engraving, or drilling a pattern throughout the object’s surface. 


Extra Drill Bits


If you do a lot of drilling with your CNC router, you must always have extra drill bits on hand. It is very common for bits to go bald with frequent use eventually. Sometimes they can also break when you’re working on a hard material for the first time and still learning how to manipulate it. 


A 10-piece starter bit set is great when you’re starting, but it only contains one of each type. We recommend keeping an extra two or three of the bits you often use, especially if they aren’t available in your local stores and you must wait at least a week to get some delivered. Keeping extra bits ensures you can continue working on a project if the current bit on your CNC router gives.


Increase Your Workshop’s Efficiency with CAMaster


These CNC router accessories can help you do more with your machine and increase your workshop’s efficiency. You’ll be able to offer more services and customization to your customers, which will be good for business.


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