5 Helpful Wood Carving Tips

CNC routers are great for woodworking projects. Whether you are making a sign to hang in front of your home, or a more ambitious project like a set of cabinets, you CNC router will serve its purpose so long as you know how to use it correctly. Here are five helpful tips for when you are wood carving.

  • Choose the right CNC: Before you begin, it’s important to make sure you buy the right CNC machine for your needs. Important factors for consideration include: size, ergonomics and overall efficiency.
  • Don’t forget the software: You don’t have to know a programming language like G Code to use a CNC router. There are a number of software programs available which allow you to create designs or import designs, the program will then generate the code to produce your piece.
  • Get to know your bits: A CNC router bit is important because it will determine the type of carving that you do, the resolution of the finished piece and how fast your router can move through the wood. For standard CNC routing, bits come in a range of diameters from pinpoint to more than an inch. Different types of bit include fluted end mills, v-groove bits and ballnose end mills.
  • Collect the dust: You probably already have a dust collector at the CNC’s fence, but adding a second collection point will boost your machine’s ability to collect just about every mote of dust and increase efficiency.
  • Stay down to earth: For safety’s sake the shell of your computer and the CNC router should both be connected to an earth wire. Always turn off the power before disconnecting your CNC router.

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