5 Benefits of a Table Top CNC Router

There are various sizes and styles of CNC router machine. The one you choose will depend on a number of factors: what you are making, the size of your fabrications and the size of your workshop. If you are a hobbyist and you are looking to get a CNC router to use for home projects, then a table top router will have a number of advantages for you.

1. Size Matters

If your home workshop is relatively small, then you want a CNC router that fits. The Stinger Itable top router has a footprint of 33.5” X 58” and cutting capabilities of 25” X 36” X 5.” It also has a range of optional upgrades.

2. Easy on Your Wallet

A table top router will not beak your bank. The Stinger I starts at around $6,495 and is excellent value for money.

3. The Strength to Keep Up

Although bench top CNC routers like the Stinger I are compact and economical, they are robust enough to be used in a production environment. The Stinger I is constructed with a welded steel frame with industrial quality Hiwin rails and bearings.

4. Versatility

Even a table top router should allow you options to expand. The Stinger I has a number of options including:

5. Ease of Use

Using your CNC router should be enjoyable, not a chore. To facilitate this, the Stinger I package has a control PC that runs Windows 7 PRO. It has a 19” flat panel monitor and is preloaded with WinCNC. The package also contains Vectric’s CUT 2D design software.

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