3 Weekend Projects Your CNC Router Can Help With

weekend projects

If you’re a hobbyist and you’re looking for some weekend projects to work on with your CNC router, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Poppins Umbrella Stand

This decorative umbrella stand is made from 19 cut pieces that easily slot together to form the stand. You can customize the design by staining, painting or carving a decorative finish. This is not a complicated product, and the end result can be used at home or sold at a craft fair.

Neoclassical Mantle Clock

This stylish mantle clock has an American 18th-century neoclassical design that will look elegant on any mantelpiece or dresser. It has an interleaf flourish pattern that adds a certain panache. This will make a great addition to your mantel shelf.

Tea Chest

There’s nothing like a refreshing cup of tea, and there’s nothing quite like this unique tea chest. Perfect for holding all your tea bags, the chest has three interior compartments that can hold up to 45 tea bags. The lid bears an attractive faux “pierced tin” design which is created by spraying silver paint over the pierced wooden panel. This is great to use at home, or to give as a thoughtful gift.

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