3 Things That Will Make you Fall in Love With a CAMaster CNC Router

3 Things That Will Make You Fall in Love With a CAMaster CNC Router

Based in Cartersville, Georgia, at CAMaster, we specialize in designing and manufacturing fully integrated CNC routers.

We offer a selection of top-notch routers suitable for a wide range of applications to meet the needs of your shop.

Why Choose CAMaster?

Many production facility owners choose CAMaster because our CNC machines provide more value for money. We stand by our motto, “Changing the Shape of Things,” which describes what our machines do and how we do business. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are three features that will make you love our CNC routers.

1. Competitive Pricing

When you browse through our range of CNC routers, it’s evident how affordable they are compared to similar products sold by our competitors. This is because we supply routers to fit all budgets.

Each CNC router is built to exact specifications and meets rigorous engineering standards and optimal design for improved durability, efficiency and productivity:

  • Cobra Elite Series: This CNC machines series offers the best in customizable industry-grade equipment. It features heavy-duty steel construction, which reduces vibrations. The helical rack and pinion drive system ensure high dimensional accuracy and acceleration. All its axes are outfitted with Servo Motors with planetary gearboxes for increased power and faster performance. It cuts at 1,500 inches per minute (IPM) and has a traverse speed of 2,500 IPM.

  • Panther Series: This model is a full-production CNC router built for small-scale business operations. It features a welded steel frame, providing enough support for many different types of projects. It has a rated cutting speed of 1,000 IPM and a traverse speed of 2,000 IPM. This router also features an open design, which allows you to work on your material from multiple sides.

  • Stinger Series: Routers in this series feature the best benchtop machines in the market. We have everything covered, from small shop operations to industrial-grade models. The Stinger I comes in 2 x 3-inch and 2 x 4-inch table sizes. The Stinger II, on the other hand, comes in 3 x 4 and 4 x 4-inch table sizes. Finally, the Stinger III model has a 4 x 8-sized table.

  • SignPro Series: These routers offer features every signmaker needs, including machining, knife cutting, and digital finishing. These durable machines provide your shop with versatility while boosting your shop’s production. They can be used for cutting different signage materials such as wood, brass, composites, plastics, ACM, foam, aluminum, and acrylic.

2. Unparalleled Support

Not only is each one of our machines built to optimum standards, but they also come with the industry’s best support from the minute you purchase one. CAMaster provides lifetime support for all our machines.

If you need help with your router, reach out to our experienced tech representatives available by phone, internet or at your facility. Each apparatus is also configured for remote desktop support.

3. A Great CNC Community

You can become a part of a growing global CNC community through our online forum. Our customers participate in these forums where they share tips and ideas and support each other after hours and on weekends.

In addition, we have an FAQ section that features buyer guides, specific settings and additional essential information for new and seasoned router owners. Specific forum sections cover each type of CNC router from CAMaster. You’ll also find information about parts replacement, references and other valuable tips about each router model.

Choose CAMaster Routers for Unparalleled Performance

CAMaster is the name you can count on for top-quality CNC machines, technical support, and service. Our routers are built to meet current industry standards, and we provide unmatched support to all clients.

Contact us today and check out our range of high-quality CNC routers and plasma cutters.