3 Not-So-Common Uses for CNC Routers

We are all familiar with CNC routers being used to make signage, furniture, musical instruments, and cabinets, but there are other uses for these machines that although not so common, they push creativity to the max.

1. Ice Sculpting

Carving with ice is a delicate technique which lends itself to a CNC router. The two most common types of CNC router for this type of carving are:

  • Flatbed: This type of router has a flat plate on which to place the lock of ice, it then cuts the piece from above. This type of machine is suitable for making:
    • sorbets
    • centerpieces
    • logos
    • shot glasses

These machines are available with a variety of cutting depths.

  • 3D: In this type of router the block of ice is stood on end and cut from the front to a five inch depth then turned around so that the back is cut to the same depth.

Suntory Whiskey used CNC ice sculpting to help sell their brand. Their ice cube sized sculptures included a scorpion, Super Mario, a shark, Batman, a guitar and the Statue of Liberty.

2. Stage Props

Whether you’re making props for your child’s school play, or your local theatre’s production, a CNC router can come in very handy. You can use your router for all kinds of props from smaller designs like signs or mobiles to larger props such as furniture and backgrounds.

3. Pen and Ink Drawing

Artist Mike Lyon has created beautiful pen and ink drawings by replacing the bit from a CNC cutter with an everyday ballpoint pen. The result is stunning. These large images have excellent detail and can also be produced in several colors.

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