3 Advantages of Running a Variable Speed CNC Router At Lower Speeds

Nowadays most high-quality CNC routers have a variable speed control.

There are three main advantages of running your variable speed router at slower speeds. These are:

1. Bit Wear

If you’re running your CNC at slower speeds that means that your bit is making fewer cuts. A feed rate of 14,000 RPM will make just a good a cut as a feed rate of 18,000 RPM, but the advantage is that because you are making fewer cuts, your bit will stay sharper and cut as well for twice as long.

2. Less Sanding

Although there are some jobs for which you’ll need to run your router at faster speeds, like cutting dovetails, when you are running at slower speeds, especially on corners, you will reduce the risk of your wood charring. This, in turn, means fewer hours of sanding for you.

3. Quieter Routing

At a slower speed, your router can perform at as much as 20 decibels quieter than at top speed. You’ll still need to wear ear protection, but it will be more pleasant for your co-workers and neighbors.

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