10% Off All CAMaster CNC Router Options and Upgrades

Cobra Elite SeriesCARTERSVILLE, GA — CAMaster, a manufacturer of high-quality, value-added, CNC production solutions based in Cartersville, Georgia, has announced that it is offering 10% off all options and upgrades on its CNC Routers, including the Cobra Elite, Panther and Stinger Series, ordered by 12/31/19. 

“CAMaster leads the industry in value-added features on CNC Routers, so this offer represents a significant savings to our customers,” explained CAMaster sales manager, Cody Smith. “All our CNC machines are made in the USA in Cartersville, Georgia, and our wide variety of available options really opens up production flexibility that attracts other income revenue streams.” Each CAMaster CNC Router has its own specific options and upgrades available — see www.CAMaster.com for the full list of options for each machine.

A partial list of available options for the Cobra Elite line of CNC Routers include drill banks, tangential knives, a mister system for cutting non-ferrous metals, aggregate heads, pop-up locating pins, a variety of spindle options, automatic lubrication system, rotary tool carousel and multiple vacuum systems. 

The Panther and Stinger lines of CNC Routers each include options such as recoil indexing lathe, fast tool change (FTC), laser cross hair, mister system, oscillating and non-oscillating tangential knives, laser engraver, remote handheld keypad, vacuum hold-down systems, phenolic tabletops and various spindles.

The 10% discount applies to all options and upgrades on all CAMaster Routers including the Cobra Elite, Panther and Stinger Series. All machine orders must be placed by 12/31/19 to qualify for the 10% discount. This offer cannot be applied to pending orders or combined with other discounts or promotions.

In addition to the 10% discount on options and upgrades, customers purchasing CAMaster CNC Routers are also eligible to take advantage of the IRS Section 179 Deduction for 2019. This section of the tax code allows businesses to deduct up to $1,000,000 on the full purchase price of new equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year, with 100% bonus depreciation.  

About CAMaster

Since 2008, CAMaster has offered high-quality, value-added, American-made CNC cutting solutions designed to help shops increase production and be more efficient. Based in Cartersville, Georgia, CAMaster manufactures fully integrated CNC Routers for a wide range of applications and budgets, with competitive pricing and unparalleled support. Each CAMaster CNC Router is built to exact standards and comes with one of the industry’s best after-sale support programs.


Cody Smith, Sales Manager
CAMaster, Inc.
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Phone: 770 334 2448
Website: www.CAMaster.com