10 Applications for Your CNC Router Machine

Applications for Your CNC Router Machine

Even if you’ve had your CNC router machine for a while, you still may not appreciate just how versatile it is. No matter what size your machine, it has a wide range of applications. Here is a rundown on just ten of them.

1. Sign Making

Whether for your home or business, your CNC router is perfect for making signs from a wide range of materials including: acrylic, wood, aluminum, copper, and brass.

2. 3-D Carving

Use your CNC router to sculpt wood, metal or plastics into cool 3-D objects from models to boxes to furniture.

3. Boat Building

3 and 5-axis CNC routers are perfect for boatbuilding.

4. Musical Instruments

CNC routers lend themselves to making guitars and basses, but can also be used to make violins, violas and cellos.

5. Arts and Crafts

The range of arts and crafts you can produce with your router is almost limitless. Here are just a few ideas: jewelry, mirror and picture frames, coins, Christmas decorations, and plaques.

6. Furniture

Your imagination is the only limit to the type of furniture you can make. CNC router advocates have produced a wide range of furniture including: beds, dining sets, chairs, stair rails, window blinds, and patio furniture.

7. Architectural Millwork

Because of the exquisite detail a CNC router can produce, you can make delicate designs for all kinds of unique architectural touches.

8. Cabinetry

Cabinetry has never been so elegant or so easy than with a CNC router.

9. Aluminum Fabrication

Use your router to turn aluminum into tools, signs and art projects.

10. Acrylic Fabrication

You can use a CNC router to manufacture signage, containers, furniture and art.

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