Cobra Series CNC Router


The Cobra has long been CAMaster’s flagship. The Cobra is the perfect mix of industrial might and flexibility. The Cobra gives your shop a machine you can afford now but grow with for years to come. The Cobra, like all CAMaster Routers, is manufactured in our plant located in Cartersville, Georgia just one hour north of Atlanta. The Cobra CNC Router is the most industrial Router in its class and has gained the attention and trust of companies known the world over.

CAMaster has designed the Cobra Series to stand out against the competition. The difference can be easily seen in the Cobra’s industrial welded steel frame. The heavy frame gives the Cobra the rigidity that other machines may lack. CAMaster also enlists Industrial linear bearings & rails on all axes of the Cobra. Teknic Servo System gives the Cobra a smooth and responsive movement. The Cobra Series boasts an industrial controller powered by WinCNC. This platform gives the Cobra a stable working environment.

The Cobra comes loaded with standard features other companies view as add-ons. Although the Cobra does come from the factory as a complete package, CAMaster offers many upgrades.

Some of the upgrades available are: Automatic Tool Change (ATC), The Recoil Indexing Lathe (4th Axis), Various Spindles and Router Heads, Extended Gantry, Vacuum hold-down, X3, and many more.

Cobra CR-404
Starting at $22,495
Cobra CR-408
Starting at $27,995
Cobra CR-510
Starting at $29,995
Cobra CR-612
Starting at $34,495

Product Specifications

Cobra CR-404
Cutting Size (X,Y,Z) 61” X 61” X 8”
Footprint Size 88” X 107 ”
Weight 1650 lbs.
Shipping Weight 3200 lbs.
Cobra CR-408
Cutting Size (X,Y,Z) 61” X 97” X 8”
Footprint Size 88” X 143”
Weight 2400 lbs.
Shipping Weight 3800 lbs
Cobra CR-510
Cutting Size (X,Y,Z) 61” X 121” X 8”
Footprint Size 88” X 168”
Weight 2600 lbs.
Shipping Weight 3900 lbs.
All Cobra Series Routers
Rapid Speeds (X,Y,Z) 1800,1800,600 ipm
Cut Speeds (X,Y,Z) 900,900,450 ipm
Repeatability 0.002” (+/-)
X and Y Axis Drive Rack and Pinion
Z Axis Drive Ball Screw
Standard Work Surface Sealed 1” MDF

Standard Features

Cobra machines come standard with:

  • 5 HP (3.9 KW) HSD High Frequency Spindle
  • Advanced Digital Super Servo Motors
  • E Chain on all Axis
  • Heavy Duty Precision Rails & Bearings on all Axis
  • Welded Steel Frame with Powder Coated Finish
  • Industrial quality electronic components
  • Dust Boot
  • Limit Switches on all Axis
  • Emergency Stop
  • Z-Zeroing Plate on Collet Spindles / Z Touch Sensor on ATC Machines
  • Dual Drive on Y Axis
  • Control PC with 19” Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse
  • WinCNC Industrial Controller
  • Free Tech Support and for Life of the Machine
  • Free Remote Support Technician for the Life of the Machine
  • 2 Year Warranty

Machine Layout

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)